The Exquisite Corpse Shall Drink The New Wine

This collection of images has arisen from a game played by members of The Exquisite Corpse group on

In its simplest form, one artist creates one half of the image, covers it apart from a small strip and then posts it to the second artist. The second artist then completes based on what they can see in the small strip left visible.

The moment where the cover is taken off and the whole drawing is seen for the first time is amazing and well worth NOT peaking until everything is finished!

The gallery on the left contains a selection of the Exquisite Corpses that I have taken part in, the most up-to-date collection can be found in my gallery at

My collaborations with The Master of Exquisite Corpse, Bernard Dumaine, Wonderwall and The Central Scrutiniser are included in the fantastic book, Miximages by, Bernard Dumaine. The book is available to purchase, and contains collaborations with over 30 different artists.

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